Broadway’s Spring Season: A Box Office Analysis

Broadway’s Spring Season: A Box Office Analysis

As Broadway's spring season progresses, it is evident that the Tony season box office ranking is starting to take shape. The strongest newcomers are holding their ground, with repeat -outs like An Enemy of the People, Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club, and Hell's Kitchen leading the pack. These shows, along with The Outsiders and Stereophonic, have solidified their positions with impressive box office numbers. The Outsiders saw a significant increase of $129,650 from the previous week, bringing its total to $1,023,827. Stereophonic also showed growth, jumping $92,392 to $683,911. These productions have not only maintained their draws but have also garnered nominations for the prestigious Tony Awards.

While the aforementioned shows are dominating the box office, a second batch of newcomers is also making waves. Although they may not be out, these productions are still strong performers. Appropriate, for example, saw an increase of more than $43,000, reaching $702,686 and filling 91% of its seats. Mary Jane and Mother Play held steady with attendance around 97% of capacity. Suffs, The Great Gatsby, and The Wiz each experienced box office jumps of over $100,000, settling into the impressive 91% to 95% capacity range. Illinoise, despite filling 94% of its seats, saw a decrease in receipts due to a canceled performance.

At the 80%-90% capacity level, The Who's Tommy and Lempicka showed noticeable jumps in box office numbers. Tommy, nominated for Best Musical Revival, increased by $80,674 to $991,028, filling 85% of its available seats. Lempicka, however, despite posting a closing notice, saw an increase of $144,424 to $419,472, with attendance at 87% of capacity but an unsustainable average ticket price. On the other hand, productions like The Notebook, Water For Elephants, and Uncle Vanya witnessed varying degrees of and decline in their box office numbers.

In total, the 34 Broadway productions, new and otherwise, grossed $35,727,377 for the week, reflecting a 3% increase from the previous week and a significant 14% increase from the previous year. Total attendance stood at 286,841, representing 91% of capacity with a slight decrease from the week before but an overall increase from last year. Looking at the season as a whole, Broadway has grossed $1,502,896,749, down marginally from last year, with total attendance remaining steady at 11,995,066. These figures, provided by The Broadway League, showcase the ups and downs of Broadway's spring season.

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Broadway's spring season is a mix of successes and challenges for both new and recurring productions. While some shows continue to draw in audiences and receive critical acclaim, others struggle to make an impact at the box office. The Tony season will bring further recognition to outstanding performances, but the business side of Broadway continues to be a complex and ever-changing landscape.

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