Cinematic Masterpiece “Close Your Eyes” Acquired by Film Movement

Cinematic Masterpiece “Close Your Eyes” Acquired by Film Movement

Film Movement has recently obtained the North American rights to “Close Your Eyes” directed by Victor Erice, a highly acclaimed Spanish director. The film, officially selected for prestigious film festivals including Cannes, Toronto, NYFF, San Sebastian, and BFI London, has garnered attention and critical acclaim. Winning a special citation from the National Society of Film Critics, “Close Your Eyes” is set for a theatrical release in late summer, starting in New York and LA in August. After its theatrical run, the film will be made available for digital and home entertainment consumption.

“Close Your Eyes” presents a storyline that revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a renowned Spanish actor, Julio Arenas, during a film shoot. Despite his body never being found, authorities speculate that he met an unfortunate accident on a seaside cliff. Years later, a television program showcases exclusive footage of his final moments, reigniting interest in his vanishing. The film features an ensemble cast including Manolo Solo, Jose Coronado, and Ana Torrent, each delivering compelling performances that add depth to the narrative.

This film marks Victor Erice's return to the director's chair after over three decades since his Cannes-awarded film “Dream Of Light” in 1992. Erice, known for his renowned work “The Spirit Of The Beehive” from 1973, demonstrates his storytelling prowess once again in “Close Your Eyes.” With a spanning decades, Erice's distinctive style and thematic exploration shine through in this latest offering.

Described as a deeply moving mystery that delves into the essence of memory, identity, and the of cinema itself, “Close Your Eyes” has been praised as a standout cinematic . Critics and cinephiles alike have lauded Erice's direction, noting the emotional depth and intellectual stimulation the film provides. The National Society of Film Critics' special citation further underscores the film's impact and the anticipation surrounding its U.S. release.

Film Movement President, Michael Rosenberg, expressed pride in acquiring “Close Your Eyes,” recognizing it as a significant cinematic event of the year. Rosenberg highlighted Erice's skill in crafting a narrative that challenges audiences while resonating on a profound level. The collaboration between Film Movement and the filmmakers signals a commitment to bringing quality storytelling to audiences, further solidifying the film's position as a must-watch for film enthusiasts.

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