Critique of Paramount’s Smile 2 Trailer Launch

Critique of Paramount’s Smile 2 Trailer Launch

The trailer launch for Paramount's Smile 2 at CinemaCon took many attendees by surprise with its unexpected storyline. While the images on screen initially gave off a Lady Gaga concert vibe, it quickly transitioned into a horror narrative featuring Naomi Scott as a pop star facing terrorizing smiling fans and associates. The director, Parker Finn, seemed to have taken a unique approach in creating a sequel to the 2022 horror hit, which grossed over $217 million globally.

The decision to cast Naomi Scott in the lead role seemed fitting, as she brought a sense of authenticity to the character's struggles with the creepy smiling figures. The director's vision, coupled with the by Parker Finn, appeared to create a tense and engaging atmosphere throughout the trailer. The use of Lukas Gage as one of the antagonists added to the intrigue of the narrative, leaving viewers curious about the dynamics between the characters.

The unveiling of the Smile 2 trailer was accompanied by a playful atmosphere, with Paramount CEO Brian Robbins and Domestic Distribution President Chris Aronson injecting humor into the event. Aronson's jest towards circuit heads Sean Gamble, Eduardo Acuna, and Adam Aron added a layer of entertainment to the presentation, signaling a positive reception from the audience. The reference to rival studios' envy over AMC's theatrical distribution ventures highlighted the competitive nature of the film .

Smile 2 is scheduled to be released on October 18, setting the stage for a Halloween season premiere that aligns with the horror genre. The film's from being greenlit for Paramount+ to its eventual theatrical release showcased a shift in strategy by studio head Brian Robbins. The decision to test the film in theaters after receiving favorable feedback indicates a level of confidence in the project's .

Paramount's Smile 2 trailer launch at CinemaCon left a lasting impression on attendees, blending elements of horror and suspense with humor and camaraderie. The creative choices made by the director and cast, coupled with the employed by the studio, set the stage for an anticipated release in October. As audiences await the full film, the trailer has generated buzz and curiosity, paving the way for a successful cinematic experience.

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