Dispute between Epic Systems and Particle Health Over Data Sharing Practices

Dispute between Epic Systems and Particle Health Over Data Sharing Practices

Particle Health and Epic Systems are currently embroiled in a dispute over data-sharing practices, with Epic filing a formal complaint against Particle citing concerns about the accuracy of record retrievals. Both companies are members of the Carequality network, which facilitates the exchange of patient information on a large scale.

Despite the dispute, Particle Health stated that the “vast majority” of its customers are still able to access records from Epic Systems. However, Epic has stopped responding to data requests from some customers due to the ongoing conflict. Particle is working to restore connection to affected customers, but Epic has raised concerns about organizations falsely claiming to be treating patients in order to access medical records.

Patient data access is protected by HIPAA, which requires patient consent for third-party access. Epic has accused some Particle customers of violating Carequality guidelines by accessing medical records under false pretenses. Epic is demanding more information from Particle about how these organizations are using patient data before restoring access.

Particle Health has indicated that the majority of affected customers are not related to the specific dispute cited by Epic. The company is working to resolve the issue with Epic through official channels. Epic, on the other hand, is focused on upholding Carequality guidelines to ensure the integrity of patient data access.

The ongoing dispute between Epic Systems and Particle Health underscores the challenges of data sharing in the healthcare . As organizations strive to improve interoperability and access to patient information, conflicts over data accuracy and usage may arise. Both companies are working to address the dispute and uphold legal and ethical standards in data sharing practices.

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