Revolutionizing Internet Monitoring with AI-Powered Technology

Revolutionizing Internet Monitoring with AI-Powered Technology

Cisco's ThousandEyes internet monitoring unit recently introduced cutting-edge artificial intelligence-powered capabilities designed to significantly enhance the prediction and diagnosis of internet outages and disruptions. The latest AI technology, known as Digital Experience Assurance (DXA), equips customers utilizing Cisco's networking technology with the ability to proactively address network quality issues automatically. This marks a significant shift from the existing functionality of ThousandEyes' software, where customers primarily focus on monitoring IT infrastructure for network-related issues.

Described as the “Google Maps” of the internet, Cisco ThousandEyes offers a comprehensive end-to-end perspective of every user and application across various networks. With a rich history spanning 15 years, the company has made substantial investments in AI over the past few years. Now, ThousandEyes is rolling out substantial AI-focused enhancements to its platform aimed at providing clients with enhanced visibility into network quality and resilience.

Joe Vaccaro, Vice President and General Manager of ThousandEyes, highlighted how DXA enables users to not only resolve issues preemptively but also leverage extensive data to predict and proactively address infrastructure challenges. By harnessing the power of digital experience assurance, organizations can transcend traditional metrics and monitoring approaches, moving towards a closed-loop system that delivers tangible results.

In addition to predictive capabilities, DXA offers a range of functionalities that allow businesses to correlate, analyze, diagnose, predict, optimize, and remediate network issues with minimal manual intervention. Cisco ThousandEyes leverages a vast data repository comprising over 650 billion daily measurements from around the world to provide businesses with insights into their internal environments, encompassing on-premises networks and cloud setups.

Building upon the foundation of its Event Detection technology, which significantly reduces the time required to detect disruptions and minimizes the need for extensive human intervention, Cisco ThousandEyes is setting the stage for a new era of internet monitoring. Vaccaro hinted at the impending launch of a groundbreaking product that will allow users to generate AI-driven scripts showcasing the status of global ISPs, public cloud , edge networks, and application connections.

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Next Frontier in AI Technology

The upcoming product is poised to feature large language models, which serve as the cornerstone of generative AI systems like ChatGPT and Google Gemini. With ChatGPT amassing over 100 million users and gaining widespread acclaim shortly after its release, the of AI-powered applications has fueled heightened interest and within the artificial intelligence landscape.

Cisco's ThousandEyes is spearheading a transformative shift in internet monitoring by leveraging AI to enhance predictive capabilities, automate remediation processes, and empower businesses to proactively address network challenges. With the imminent launch of AI-driven solutions, the future of digital experience assurance looks promising, offering organizations unprecedented visibility and control over their network environments.

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