The Excitement Surrounding the Deadpool & Wolverine Overseas Promotional Tour

The Excitement Surrounding the Deadpool & Wolverine Overseas Promotional Tour

The stars of Deadpool & Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, along with director Shawn Levy, recently embarked on an overseas promotional tour, starting in Shanghai. The trio met with a packed house in Shanghai after showing 35 minutes of the movie. They shared behind-the-scenes stories about the project, which reportedly elicited constant laughter and applause from the audience. Reynolds expressed his gratitude on , stating that Shanghai was an incredible to the #DeadpoolAndWolverine tour.

During their time in Shanghai, Reynolds, Jackman, and Levy were seen in front of a 10-meter-long giant Deadpool statue along the Huangpu River. They also visited a Deadpool & Wolverine-themed pop-up store on Wukang Road, which is set to remain open until July 7. The Marvel Weibo account documented their visit to the store, generating further excitement among fans in China.

Release in China

China's Film Bureau has approved a release date of July 26 for Deadpool & Wolverine, aligning with the U.S. release date. This marks the first time that a Deadpool film will have a simultaneous release in China and the rest of the world. Unlike its predecessor, Deadpool & Wolverine has undergone minimal for the Chinese market, ensuring that the integrity of the storytelling remains intact and authentic to the Deadpool spirit.

Continuing the Promotional Tour

Following their time in Shanghai, Reynolds, Jackman, and Levy are set to continue their promotional tour, with the next stop being in Korea. The trio even had the opportunity to attend a baseball game in Korea, further solidifying their bond as they promote Deadpool & Wolverine around the world. Jackman expressed his excitement on social media, emphasizing the surreal nature of the tour and the camaraderie shared between the three friends.

The international rollout of Deadpool & Wolverine is scheduled to begin on July 24, building anticipation among fans worldwide for the highly-anticipated film. With the enthusiastic reception in Shanghai and the upcoming promotional events in Korea, the momentum surrounding the movie continues to grow as the release date draws nearer. Deadpool & Wolverine promises to deliver a thrilling experience for fans of the franchise, setting the stage for a international debut.

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