The Future of Matchmaking in Tokyo: AI-Powered Dating App

The Future of Matchmaking in Tokyo: AI-Powered Dating App

In Tokyo, the government has been hosting matchmaking events for years in hopes of reversing the decline in marriages and births. These events have involved activities such as parties, dating advice, and . However, the city is now taking a new approach by introducing an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered dating app. This app is set to the way people in Tokyo find partners for life.

The new dating app will require users to answer over 100 questions, ranging from preferences in a partner to how comfortable they are with sharing their feelings. Based on the responses of over 150,000 couples, the app will then suggest matches using big data analysis. Additionally, users will need to go through online interviews and provide proof of their single status before being allowed to use the app.

One participant, Kaori Shiratori, expressed her interest in the app as she found the vetting process reassuring. However, the real test comes when trying to connect with potential matches in person. Another participant, Fujita, shared his eagerness to use the app now that he has a stable job and is ready to find a partner to share his interests with.

With Tokyo's population projected to declining from 2030 onwards, the city is ramping up its efforts to support marriage and birth rates. The budget for marriage-support will nearly double to 335 million yen in the upcoming fiscal year. This increase in funding reflects the government's commitment to addressing the issue of low marriage rates in Tokyo.

The Japanese government, under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, has also acknowledged the country's declining birthrate as a significant challenge. The national population has been decreasing since 2008, with data showing a high percentage of individuals in their 20s who have never dated. To combat this trend, Tokyo is taking proactive to create an entry point for those looking to get married but may feel lost or hesitant to start the process.

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One of the key features of the new dating app will be its emphasis on user security and privacy. Tokyo plans to oversee the app closely to ensure that personal information is handled with care. Users will also be required to provide proof of , adding an extra layer of verification to the matchmaking process.

The introduction of an AI-powered dating app in Tokyo marks a new era in matchmaking events. With the city's commitment to supporting marriages and births, the app is poised to make a significant impact on the way people in Tokyo find love and companionship. As the population ages and birth rates decline, solutions like this app will play a crucial role in shaping the future of relationships in the city.


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