The Impact of “Roundball Rock” on NBA Fans

The Impact of “Roundball Rock” on NBA Fans

“Roundball Rock,” composed by John Tesh, is considered one of the greatest theme songs for TV sports, particularly for National Basketball Association games on NBC. The nostalgic association that NBA fans have with this tune is unparalleled, as it brings back memories of an era defined by Michael Jordan's dominance, the Chicago Bulls' , and the voices of Bob Costas and Marv Albert.

Comcast's NBCUniversal is making a bid to acquire the NBA rights again after losing them to Disney 22 years ago. The offer, averaging $2.5 billion per year, more than doubles what Warner Bros. Discovery currently pays. However, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav has emphasized financial discipline, which could be a determining factor in the decision-making process.

If NBCUniversal secures the NBA rights, it will have the opportunity to re-license “Roundball Rock” from John Tesh, the composer of the iconic tune. This move would undoubtedly please nostalgic NBA fans who still associate the song with NBC and the golden era of basketball in the 1990s.

Despite not being used since 2002, “Roundball Rock” has left a lasting impact on NBA fans. The song's popularity has transcended time, with fans playing it on various instruments and sharing it on like . Its reinstatement as the theme for NBA games on NBC would be a nostalgic treat for fans who have been yearning for its comeback.

The significance of “Roundball Rock” in the hearts of NBA fans cannot be overstated. Its reemergence as the theme song for NBA games on NBC would not only evoke feelings of nostalgia but also serve as a homage to a bygone era of basketball. As the future of NBA broadcasting rights unfolds, the fate of “Roundball Rock” hangs in the balance, waiting to resonate once again with fans of the sport.

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