The Luxeed S7 Electric Sedan Enters Mass Delivery Phase

The Luxeed S7 Electric Sedan Enters Mass Delivery Phase

The Luxeed S7 electric sedan, a collaborative project between Huawei and Chery Auto, has faced significant challenges in production and delivery due to a shortage of semiconductors and other production issues. Initially scheduled for release earlier, the delivery of the Luxeed S7 was delayed causing frustration among customers who had eagerly awaited the premium brand electric vehicle.

Despite the setbacks, a Huawei executive, Richard Yu, announced on the Weibo platform that mass delivery of Luxeed S7 vehicles has commenced. This marks a significant milestone in the project's timeline, as the first model for Chery's Luxeed EV brand is finally reaching the hands of customers after overcoming various production challenges.

Positive Outlook

With orders for the Luxeed S7 sedan reaching approximately 20,000 by late November, there is a high demand for this electric vehicle which is priced from 249,800 yuan. The collaboration between Huawei and Chery Auto has shown promising results, with the for growth and in the future.

Huawei's foray into the smart car has been met with both challenges and successes. The company's revenues experienced significant growth in 2023, fueled in part by its smart car solutions and other new business ventures. Despite facing losses in the past year, Huawei's smart car unit is expected to turn a from April onwards, marking a positive turn for the tech giant.

The of the Luxeed S7 electric sedan from production delays to mass delivery exemplifies the resilience and determination of the teams at Huawei and Chery Auto. As the automotive industry continues to evolve with the transition to electric vehicles, collaborations like this will play a crucial role in shaping the future of mobility. The challenges faced along the way have only served to strengthen the resolve of those involved, leading to the delivery of a premium electric vehicle to eager customers.

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